Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Motion

These days, we 3 C's have a lot of irons in the fire, as the Old Timers would say.  The months of August, September, and October put us into maximum harvest, if we have put the right energy at the right time into the Garden and if it is a good year for specific crops. 
These are moments, days, weeks, and months of high energy demands.  Everything seems to be happening at once.  Fruits and vegetables seem to arrive at their peak overnight.  And we Humans must turn on a dime to make sure they are processed at peak.  For us that means maximum yield and maximum vitality for the Humans who will use them for nourishment.  To delay means increasing likelihood of loss.  And yes, we have had some losses recently as we have waited a little long.
During this season, some things get stacked up for "later".  Some places are not so tidy.  Yet, all of that interferes with flow.  We try to keep the house picked up and cleaned because this makes for essential qualities of a nurturing nest to complete the tasks at hand.

We usually try to take Sunday as a day of rest.  Yet, sometimes at this season, we really need that extra time too.  If we need to use it in that way, we try to take it at a slower pace.

So what is going on in this moment?  Richard and Melanie are getting ready to make Bread and Butter Pickles.  I usually take the lead here.  Richard has the pickles, onions, peppers sliced and in water and salt solution; they are under ice and will be ready to process soon. 

I finished putting away the tea towels.  Laundry is especially important at these busy seasons.  I spent time tidying up the dining room table which has become laden with projects and their remnants.  In particular, I sorted Dry Edible Beans.  I winnowed the larger quantities (particularly those whose harvest is complete) and placed them in jars. I put them out so we could see them in a kind of shrine to harvest.  They look so pretty. 

After polling our needs, Richard is headed off to town to get some supplies for upcoming projects.  It is important to have supplies on hand for the most pressing projects, but also for those that will be coming up soon. 

Melanie is making 2 varieties of fermented teas, one of which will be Kombucha, which we love.  I am clattering away at these keys for a bit of reporting, but will soon move on to the Art Show which is coming up in 3 weeks.  Yikes.

I find it synchronous that this crescendo of activity surely is repeated all around us.  Since we Humans have a tendency to think we are the center of the Universe, we miss other exquisite acts of the show. 

Sunlight is decreasing markedly and the Sun is visibly moving more southward on the horizon.  Oops.  The Sun is not moving on the horizon.  The axis of our Earth is much more noticeable as we shift from late Summer into Fall and the position of the Sun in relation to the Earth changes. We Humans are just little specks on this side of the horizon.

As I clatter away at these keys, I see the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds buzzing about.  They seem to be picking up speed and feverishly feeding.  Yes, they will be leaving soon.  They need to eat in such a way that their beautiful body chemistry can support their long flight to their winter homes in Central America.  I smile, because after we complete our food store, we are not going anywhere.  Thank goodness.

I have occasionally seen fat Monarch Caterpillars munching away on Milkweeds.  They are probably in chrysalis now.  In the next few days, they will emerge as beautiful Butterflies on brand new wings.  During the week of my birthday (which is next week), the Monarchs will begin their annual migration to a very specific location in the highlands of Mexico.  Once again, my sense of awe is tuned up as I consider that these Butterflies will find their way to their winter homes, places they have not been before. 

Thinking about these things once again puts me in a position of awe.  For so long, I only paid attention to the Human Story.  The more I am aware of the world around me and my place in it, it seems that we are all in motion and we all move in relationship to each other.  We Humans stay right here and canning and preserving are our fare.

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