Friday, September 30, 2011

No, You Can't...

While I was typing away at these keys, I heard the east door open and Richard say:  "No, you can't bring that Mouse in here."  Scampy had just caught a Mouse for an evening treat and apparently he had plans to eat it inside.  Plans foiled.

Hopi Prophecy

When birds fall from the sky 
and the animals are dying, 
a new tribe of people 
shall come unto the earth 
from many colors, classes, creeds, 
who by their actions and deeds, 
shall make the earth green again. 
They will be known 
as the warriors of the Rainbow.
Hopi Prophecy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Towels

September 14:

Kristina came Wednesday. We don't get together as much as we'd like but we always love to have she and her family grace this Little Farm.She had multiple purposes this time, two were a little more subdued, the remaining were light and bright.

What initially spurred the trip on this day was that Richard was going to be harvesting the 3rd batch of Roosters. She and her family had raised a Hen who was also destined to become Meat and nourishment for her Family. Somehow, reading about the process and watching it on YouTube was not quite the same. She wanted to work alongside Richard.

When this stage of her visit was complete, she brought inside some lovely treasures to share. It seems that her daughters Emma and Elsa made some Tea Towels. Elsa made the Tea Towel with the Chickens and Emma made the Tea Towel with the Cow. Plus Elsa embroidered a Hummingbird on a Handkerchief for Richard. There are longer stories here which we will get over time. Part of the story is that Elsa and Emma intended these Treasures to be used. Another part of the story is that these lovely little gifts made us smile.

We are hard on Tea Towels here. We had purchased lovely hand embroidered Tea Towels from Marion Johnson up where we used to live. We also had a few of terrycloth towels. We had a lot of Tea Towels. After 4 years of being on the Farm, the Tea Towels are stained and worn. Most have made it into the Rag Bag.

We have bought a few to replenish our original stash. Problem is that we can't find much in the way of sturdy ones. Yet. Plus, we really want to buy Organic Cotton and grown/made in the US. We would really like to embroider them, which would be a fine winter project. These things have not yet been resolved to our satisfaction. And in the meantime, our Tea Towels just become more worn and they dwindle further.

I suggested to Kristina and Melanie that it would be fun to have little get together to embroider Tea Towels. They agreed. I immediately thought of my collection of images to "iron on" for embroidery. While the details of this are not clear from that very full morning when she was here, Kristina talked about "free-forming" embroidery on Tea Towels. I think that is what the Girls did. Now that's an idea I never considered for our Little Farm. We are "free forming" here. Makes sense we would do that on Tea Towels too.

In the meantime, thanks to Kristina, Emma and Elsa for their beautiful Gifts and presence on this Little Farm.

Stripping Cane

Today was a busy busy day.  Richard, Melanie, Dori, and Ariel stripped Cane here at the Farm for processing into Molasses this weekend. Susan and Bob stopped by for a visit and Susan helped too.  Richard took 2 Truck Loads to the Family Farm west of here.  In the meantime, he and Hollis stripped Cane at the Family Farm too. 

What's the hurry?  Wind is expected tomorrow and the temperature is expected to drop on Friday.  We're getting ready for cooking off Molasses on Saturday and Sunday.

Later in the day, we took a walk, starting at the Cane field to see what was left.  Wow, our little Cane Patch is shrinking.


In recent weeks, I have noted on StatCounter (the statistical counter I use for analysis of use of this site) some fairly consistent searching on this Blog for Fred Gottleb Brenz from computers in Germany.  Frederick Gottlieb Brenz was my Great Great Grandfather and he was indeed from Germany. I certainly do not know if this is the same Fred Gottlieb Brenz, but I am intrigued.

In the past few days, I received a comment from a reader expressing that interest.  I have tried to respond but I am not sure that it went through since I did not have the address of the reader.  If you are out there and would be open to  conversation, please leave an address so we might connect.  Your address will not be published in the comment section on this site.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Molasses Making 2011 Batch 1

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Richard is out harvesting Sorghum Cane here with brothers Hollis, Gerald, and nephew David. I am headed to town to continue "tweaking" the Art Show.  Melanie is making cookies for the reception on Saturday.  Gotta go.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KHS Class of '66 Art Show: Celebrating Creative Energy

When I was in High School in the 1960's, we would have spring Art Shows up on the town "Square". They were usually quite fun events.  We budding artists would pack up our art from the previous year and head up on the lawns around the Courthouse for the best spots.  We'd hope there would be no rain and wind. 

In the photo below, you will see that I am with my stuff.  I remember Mother and Dad helping in any way that that they could.  Dad was sheer genius at structures and Mother made them work. I see a wooden easel, which surely Dad constructed.  And I see clothes pins which were Mother's signature.  I also see the end of our esteemed aluminum table which was used for camping trips, yard sales, and any time we needed an extra horizontal surface. No doubt, Jani Hume was right next to me.  The note on the back of the photo dates this at 1965.  I would have been a junior.

So here I am 46 years later getting ready for another Art Show.  Our class is having our 45th Reunion.  In that Reunion, we are having an Art Show:  "Celebrating Creative Energy".  The premise is that Creative Energy is inherent to the human experience.  The theme and direction have been "my baby" but is my style, I create a concept that seems to resonate.  Everyone adds their piece and a new whole emerges which contains the Creative Energy of us all.

Featured in the show will be: watercolors of Nature by Trish Hill Bellington, photographs including those of Nicaraguan children by Verna Vice Treasure, photos of the old Palace Bakery (a 3 generation business closing in the 1960s) by David Bondurant, eclectic collection of art across media by me (a sneak peek is below), samples of community theater experiences of Susie Smith-Patten, aprons of Cindy Walter Willcox, vintage cars of Terry Joe Smith/Andy Crist/Mike O'Brien, book about Jane Rinehart who has had considerable experience with students in debate.  We will also be creating 2 "vignettes" which celebrate the Creative Energy of the child/adolescent that we once were.  These are intended to document our experience and to invoke memories of people who go to the Show.

The Show runs from September 22 through the end of October at the Arts Center in Kirksville.  Community Opening Reception is Saturday, September 24, 10:30-noon. Cheryl Simmons Miller, an accomplished pianist, will play in honor of her sister, Janet Simmons.  Janet was an accomplished and upcoming flute player for whom we all had considerable respect.  She passed way too young in 1972.

We are currently installing the exhibit.  It will be complete tomorrow. Yikes.  I am also creating 2 handouts which hopefully will be complete soon.  Those handouts came out of the question:  "What has shaped our lives?"  I could easily answer that question of my parents and would quickly state:  World War II and the Depression.  They'd say that too.  The handouts give a description of context of the 1950's and 1960's which coincide with my class's preschool and elementary/junior and senior high experiences, in other words:  childhood/adolescence.

If you are in the area and interested in the show, do join us.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Molasses Making Date Set

A preliminary look at the Cane crops suggests that we could have as many as 4 batches of Molasses this year.  The date of the 1st batch is set for Sunday, September 25.  This is an extraordinarily busy time for all of us, especially this week and Saturday.  I don't need to detail it.  Of course, weather is always an factor. 

In a span of 2 days late last week, we shared information about making Molasses to 2 sets of neighbors:  our Amish neighbor to the northwest and to the Folks at the Possibility Alliance.  It was really neat.  Both are really serious and both have crops this year from our seeds.  The Folks at PA don't have enough for their own batch so will be adding to ours.  Our Amish neighbor has already made arrangements to take his Cane to a neighbor who will process it. In the meantime, they headed back home to make wooden Cane Knives per Richard's instructions.

It wasn't so long ago that making Molasses (or Sweet Sorghum Syrup) was termed a dying craft.  Well, it seems to be waking up around here.  And that feels good.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dying for Oil

In a world where media is screened to protect the interests of advertisers and the power elite, we in a supposedly "free society" do not get the whole story. So we consume away with reckless abandon, ignorant and unaware of the effect of our choices on other precious beings around. 

But when we make choices like the simple act of pumping gas into our car, we inject a whole range of stories on the other side.  Many, perhaps most and even all, are not pleasant and unthinkable.  So who is on the other side?  Who is affected by our choice?  Hearing these stories is essential in our times.

Knowing the consequences of these choices allows me to make choices which will build a kinder, gentler, more loving world where no Being is ill-effected.  Tall order?  Why would I even consider anything else?

Memories of Music

These days, I am getting ready for my 45th Class Reunion.  A lot of us are as our focus begins to point towards next weekend's very special and long anticipated gathering.  Plans for the Reunion are taking shape.  There is something for everyone.  The Art Show which is part of the reunion is coming together very well, both my art part and the overall whole. It always begins to feel good when a "vision" for something one has never done before begins to take shape. 

In the middle of all of this have been some trips down memory lane for someone who grew up in the 1950s and 60s. That includes music.  Why is it that music takes one back to a time and place as if you are still present there in that shape and form?  Those memories encapsulate even some of the smallest of details. Those memories have always been and will always be a part of who we are.

I absolutely loved "How Much Is the Doggie in the Window?" as a child. The song was released by Patti Page in 1952.  I would have been 4.

Perhaps my fascination for that song came from being in the presence of Collie puppies since I was wee small.  My Uncle Russell, Aunt Louise, and Cousin Russell had a kennel on their little Farm which for me was immense. I would often sit among the big open boxlike area with the wiggly warm puppies.  Perhaps it came from having a beloved Collie puppy who was given to me by them as a gift.  Maybe it comes from an innate fascination and wonder Humans seem to have with puppies and babies in all forms. 

I never saw the YouTube version of this song. I just sat there with utter fascination right beside Mother's magical plastic phonograph.  It was dark in color (brown?), small, almost a cube in shape, played "45's". I would watch the record go round and round, listen to the music, sing along, sit and sway like a puppy.  And I waited until it was done, carefully returning the needle arm back to the start and making sure with my stubby and awkward hands that the needle did not scratch.  Just thinking about it makes me feel small, warm and loved right beside that beloved record player.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Much Needed Rain

Today it began to rain.  We didn't get much, but it was such a relief.  Over the last few weeks, we Gardeners have talked often about the need for Rain.  Growing Food Crops just doesn't follow a normal pattern without Rain.  In other words, you don't get much from the Garden without Rain.

I was in town today and happened to talk with a woman who was complaining about the Rain.  I was stunned.  I looked at her and I said quietly:  "We really need Rain."  "OK" she said.  "It can rain today but it can't tomorrow."

Yes, I know that we Humans have big plans for all of our tomorrows and that Rain sometimes intercedes.  But I try never to complain about a gift from the Creator, especially when we need it so much.  Rather, my Heart and my Spirit radiate gratitude.  Isn't that what we should do?  Seems the best approach for me.

I am reminded that among many Native People is a belief that there is an intimate relationship between the consciousness of the Humans and the Earth.  Humans, by their thoughts, can actually interfere with natural cycles of the Earth or support them.  I should surely like to be counted in the latter.

Thank you, Creator, for this much needed Rain.


On this day and as I clatter away at these keys, Richard is harvesting the last of the Roosters. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recipe for Filling a Pond

Our new pond 
is now
an empty cup 
in the ground. 
who is 4
we take 
buckets of water 
to fill the pond. 
She will bring 
buckets over 
to help.
Glinda Crawford, 2011


Use of Fossil Fuels 
alters cycles 
of Earth, 
our beloved Home,
on whom 
we depend 
for Life itself.  
Using these 
with reckless abandon,
hopeless naivete,
or Human arrogance
is go down a path
of aborting Life itself.  
Surely we did not 
come here 
to do that.
I am someone 
who grows Food.  
I have front row seats 
watching the relationship 
between Climate Change 
and our potential 
for sustaining Life.  
I am a Mother 
and someone 
of Grandmother age.  
With the years 
and experiences I bring, 
I see intimately 
how our actions 
influence others, 
those yet to come.
I request
we each cut back 
on Fossil Fuels 
and move 
toward renewable sources.  
It's pretty easy.
At its core,
it's a request 
to adopt practices 
which sustain Life
rather than seek 
to destroy it.
Why would we
even consider
anything else?
Glinda Crawford, 2011


When we went to bed last night, frost in low lying areas was predicted.  It's true that's a little early.  First frost date in these parts averages about October 10.  An old timer to this area told me that the earliest frost experienced was September 13.  Yikes.  Mother Nature follows her own rules, so we Humans must know our place and just follow along.

Knowledge of the possibility of Frost was met with what might be seen as resignation by the 3 Humans on this little Farm.  Maybe it wasn't resignation but rather acceptance that some things are just beyond our control and are not meant to be.  We are also tired and weary from some intense times along the home stretch of the harvest season.  The energy reserves are not there.  To conduct a full harvest of what's out there was just not in the cards.

But we did gather some produce that might be lost.  It was waiting in cue anyway.  That was after harvesting 12 of the Roosters earlier in the morning, I might add.  Richard gathered buckets of tomatoes and herbs.  He and Melanie put some on to dry.  Then Richard made a big pot of marinara sauce which cooked most of the day.  I enjoyed the wafts of its aroma as I worked away at cleaning and other preparations for the Art Show.  As the day moved on, the aroma of roasting Venison (and later Veggies) added to the warm nurturing nest which is our home.  It also seemed to wrap a warm loving blanket around us as we are now in the midst of the early Fall season. How quickly things change.

Through the night and early this morning, status of cold sensitive plants was unknown.  Will Jack Frost nip at our little Farm?  Will the plants make it through this bit of a cold spell?  Will we be granted a reprieve?

What is most sensitive? A quick glance notes the Tomatoes, Okra, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, Peppers, and our beloved Sorghum Cane. With frost, these lovely plants and their produce are "toast".  All that work and being so close to the finish line is no guarantee that we will cross the finish line with those baskets and jars of produce that will sustain us. 

A reprieve means we could have a few more days/weeks of growing.  That would be nice.  Once again, I am reminded that we Humans are dependent on Nature's cycles and her whims too. For now, we have only to wait and see.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Farm Notes

Assuming all goes well, Richard plans to begin the next round of processing the little Roosters early tomorrow morning.  Kristina is coming over for a "lesson on processing".  She will also bring a chicken from her Farm that is ready, in fact more than ready.  We have 24 to go, which means about 12 per time period.  We are all eager for this to be complete.  I suppose I should say the Humans are.  We try very hard to conduct this in a manner that is respectful of Life and the Gift of the Roosters for our own Lives.

Temperatures are cooling, especially at night.  September is marching right along.  The last few days it has been cool at night and warm in the day.  Amazingly, it seems like we are constantly changing clothes to accommodate the specific needs of the moment.  I have a little pile of clothes that I have used for a relatively brief time at the base of the closet.

We keep sampling Cane.  And it is definitely getting sweeter here on our Farm and at Hollis'.  Assuming the temperature does not get close to frost, we will make our 1st batch Molasses the 1st weekend of October.  First frost date is listed as October 12, I believe.  Our neighbor next door said the old timers always said that frost comes 6 weeks after the Goldenrod blooms.  He said it started blooming about 2 weeks ago.  I like his forecast.

We are really busy around here.  Harvest is in full swing.  My Art Show and Reunion are coming up.  I worked on getting my art ready for the Show today.  I also made progress on writing out the copy for the little cards underneath the pictures.  That feels good.

Monday, September 12, 2011


In the meantime, Richard headed to town to pick up straw.  The most significant purpose in the moment is to put straw down over the seed he has just planted on the pond banks.  We need to do what we can to slow down erosion which means sending soil into the pond which is empty in the moment.

Melanie helped her Dad with the 1st load.  When he came back from purchasing the second load, she insisted:  "Mom, you have to see this."  So she and I climbed aboard the back of the pick-up and sat on the hay bales.  Richard was driving. 

I have to admit that this is the 1st time we have had a hayride here.  We went straight to the Cane Field and thoroughly enjoyed being at the height of the stalks.  Gee, are they tall.  And those Seedheads are just beginning to turn a darker brown.  We made our way to the Pond and back out next to the Garden.  I had camera in hand and took adventure of photo ops from a completely different view. 

Natural Dyeing Workshop

I have a policy on this Blog that I will not "pose pictures".  My intent is that the Pictures on this Blog will just happen as a part of the life of the Farm.  Well, Folks, the background work came from a workshop off the Farm. And Melanie added the cheery Yellow Flowers ("Bidens").  I posed this one because I just could not resist and because it was part of the story.

This weekend, Melanie and Julia (from the Possibility Alliance) went to a workshop on "Natural Dyeing" using Missouri Plants in Columbia.  The class was taught by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser who has a store called Hillcreek Fiber Studio (  Melanie very much enjoyed it.

She was pleased to report that we have the plants they used for dyes growing right here on the Farm.  She found it fascinating all of the colors that are produced from one plant just by using different mordants and afterbaths.  The swatches above were produced from Bidens, a plant blooming a Sunny Yellow Flower at this season. 

Plus, Carol Leigh and her son also got Melanie's Spinning Wheel up to speed.  We are really excited about this too.  Soon, Melanie will be looking into classes to become proficient in the use of the Wheel.  That's going to be fun to watch.  In the meantime, I need to start playing the "Spinning Song" on the Piano again.  That is at my daughter's request.  It just sort of sets the mood.

As time goes on, we are blessed to find many wonderful resources in our area or close by.  This happens often when we least expect it.  It just makes a person smile.

Hummingbird Watching

This morning, Melanie and I sat on the East Deck eating our Breakfast.  Hummingbirds flew about.  I always love that.  It is amazing.  This season, they are always particularly active. They dart about and we hear the whirr of their wings as they whirr by.

We have noted that at least one of the Hummingbirds loves to perch in the Wild Sunflower just off the Deck.  I put a chair alongside so that I might take Photos.  They are amazing to watch.  For a time, the Hummingbird was having its morning bath.  Careful preens followed but at the same time that little Hummingbird was ready to go, and "lickety split".  In other moments the little Hummingbird was watching insects flying around. I just sat there with my camera poised for action and the Hummer provided just that.

Dried Corn

September 5:

Yesterday, Melanie and Richard dehydrated Corn. They cut Corn off the cob and then just brought it to a boil. The next steps were to drain off the liquid, then lay it out on shelves of the dehydrator. It took about a day to dry. Six dozen ears made 16 cups of dehydrated Corn.

We will use the Dried Corn for cooking and for snacks. In fact, we have already started using it for snacks. Yum.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

KHS Class of '66 Art Show

Our Kirksville High School Class of '66 is having a show at the Kirksville Arts Center, 117 South Franklin. Show opens September 22 and goes through October.  Community Opening is 10:30-noon on Saturday, September 14.  It's going to be fun. 

In the meantime, I have some canvas to paint and puzzle pieces to put together.  More later. 

Pond Complete

Yesterday, Dale who is operating the Bulldozer said the Pond was complete.  He has come back this morning to finish up some details that Richard wanted.  That includes dragging the little Trees into the Pond for Fish Habitat.  Those Little Trees gave up their lives for Pond construction.  Richard thought it only fitting that their Gifts be woven back into the life of the Pond.

Last evening, we took a walk around and through the Pond.  It is just amazing.  It is going to be wonderful to watch it fill and to enjoy it over time.

And would you believe that it is beginning to rain?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Picking Flowers

Two days ago, Whitley arrived for a visit with her Grandpa.  If you asked her Grandpa the purpose of the visit, he might have said: "To see the beginning construction of the Pond."  If you asked Whitley the purpose, she might have said:  "To pick Flowers for my Mama and my Grandma."  After building 2 Castles in the house which were intended for the Princess, we grabbed a bucket and some scissors which was just her size and headed outside to pick Flowers. 

I have to say that in a former life, I would have carefully guided the picking process.  You might be familiar with the procedure:  "You can pick these, but not these."  "Make sure the stems are this long."  "Be sure to get these colors because they go well together."  "This Flower makes a nice cut Flower, but this one does not."  It seems like as Adults, we get so hampered by our Rules that we forget how to play or even that we should play.

On this day, I suspended any of the Rules and let Whitley pick any Flower she'd like.  And around the Garden she went.  Her beautiful fascination radiated as another lovely Flower in the Garden on this day. 

Orion Returns

In early morning pre-Dawn,
the Constellation Orion 
is visible 
in the Eastern Sky.  
Orion is our Winter Companion.  
Seasons are shifting.  
Great Wheel turns.  
How splendid 
to bear witness 
to the beauty of Creation 
and the continuing Cycle 
of All That Is.
We are richly blessed
in ways so rich,
so wide,
so deep
that we cannot even know.
Mother always taught me 
to keep up 
with my "Thank you's." 
I should post 
a note to the Divine.
Maybe I just did.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ponderings on Pond Construction

Today, we began pond construction.  I gotta say that I just cannot stand destruction of the Earth.  I get really sad and really angry.  To see how quickly beautiful Living Beings can be destroyed is not something that I find comfortable in the least.

Quick passes by the Bull Dozer through Cedar Trees turned them upside and pushed them carelessly aside with their roots clinging to the air.  Beautiful Flowers and Grasses were smashed to make way for Pond.  Dragonflies went into the air in numbers that I had not seen before. "By accident", that little Redbud is no more.  And the Butterfly Weed took a near hit.  It may be OK.  I wonder about those Hickory Trees that Richard planted.

What was damaged in the area that we did not know even existed? How many times has this scene been repeated and no one, not a single person, even takes time to feel that pain?  How many times has this scene been repeated and no one has even thought:  "Should we be doing this?"

Before this day, the area that was being readied for the Pond had slowly come back to life.  Numerous Tall Grass Prairie Plants were increasingly robust, never mind, how many living organisms were at home on that land because the habitat was just right.

Yesterday, I did head to the area and thank the plants.  I asked their forgiveness for what we were about to do.  I asked that their spirits help to make the land whole and well yet again, but in a new form.

As the Pond began to take shape on this day, I started to become more peaceful with the process.  I was less unsettled.  Another Ecosystem was getting its start.  I also took comfort in the fact that the Bull Dozer seemed "more gentle".  It was not so loud and the operator was obviously careful.

Richard stayed with the process pretty much the whole time to make sure the land was protected and the decisions that needed to made were made in a good way on the spot. He sat on what will become the pond bank.  I joined him part of the time too.

And so, one of these days, Frogs, Turtles, Fish, Migratory Waterfowl and Shorebirds, and who knows what else will call this little Farm Home or at the least a desirable stopping place.  The Humans look forward to meeting the new Neighbors who will be arriving over time.


Today is my 63rd birthday.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head down to Highway 63 and have my picture taken with the sign.  63:  Here we go.  At any point in time, I can go left or right.  I can speed up or slow down.  And throughout, I can ponder what it all means.  Life is good.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Difference We Can Make

Inside each of us,
we know
But we expect
change will come
from someone
outside ourselves:
the neighbor
who should conserve,
businesses who
should treat
workers fairly,
industries and farmers who
shouldn't poison
and damage the Earth,
governments who
should enact fair laws.
We're are
the little guy
after all.
What difference
can we make?
When we,
the little People, 
our behavior
to match 
what we know
is needed in these times,
change will happen
in ways rippling
far and wide.
Our actions will bring
our own
deeply yearned for
We, the People,
our Precious Planet's
finite resources.
We buy only
what we need.
We do not waste.
We buy from businesses
who treat workers fairly.
We buy locally,
thereby supporting
our own local economy.
We purchase products
which do not pollute
at any stage
through development,
use, and
return to Earth.
We buy organically
from farmers
who do not pollute
the Earth,
from farmers
who resplenish the Soil.
We buy
from industries
who do not poison
but rather enrich.
We buy from industries
which do not
rape and pillage
from the Great Mother Earth,
our only home.
We avoid buying
from corporations
who do not care,
whose bottom lines are greed,
power and control,
We enact our own laws
to guide our behavior.
We lead with our Hearts.
In every step.
That is the difference
that we seek.
It is happening
in our times.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marker Day

Today was a Marker Day. Fall is in the air.  It surely is not Fall, but it shows promise that the seasons are shifting. We Humans are along for the ride.  And what a ride it is.

Last night, the Wind came blowing in.  When I went to town this morning, flags were stiff straight to the South.  Winds from the North brought cooler temperatures.  We even had Rain yesterday.  Yea! 

This evening, I switched from shorts into long pants.  I even dug out one of my favorite turtle necks.  It is old, soft, worn, a bit tattered, "relax fit" (to use a word from retail).  Melanie made Vegetable Stew in the Solar Oven this evening. Cooler season brings a desire for Warmer Foods.  Meats too, but not this time.

After dinner, we went for a walk out into the Cane Field.  That's become a regular daily excursion.  On our way there, we noted that the tall wild Sunflowers have broken into bloom.  They are gorgeous and are they ever tall.  They seem to be reaching their arms in praise toward the Sun and the Sky.

After we got to the Cane Field, Richard cut one of the stalks and we tasted it.  Yes, we are eager.  It is green, which of course, we suspected.  But it tastes like we could have cane which means we could have molasses.  Melanie brought the Cane Seedhead back to the Chickens.  They were delighted with the treat.  They too noted that the Cane is green, but it is coming right along.

We are deeply grateful for the passing of the Seasons in the regular way.  You will find no complaints here as we celebrate the Life Giving Forces of this Great Planet which is out Home.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Checking Kraut

We made Kraut on Sunday, which was 5 days ago.  The Kraut is stored in the basement.  It will take about 5-6 weeks for it to ferment.  I need to check it every couple of days.  Well, I was a little slow and didn't check it until today. 

I checked it today and it looks very good.  It now has that wonderful Kraut smell.  The clear juice is over the Kraut and the cloths that cover it.  The jar filled with water is holding the plate down and the Kraut under the juice. Some foam was coming up in 2 places.  I just scooped it off.  Then I covered the whole thing back up again. 

I wrote on the calendar the day that we made the Kraut and the relative time period it should be done.  As busy as it has been around here, we need to have things written down. 

Over the next couple of days, the Kraut will continue to do its thing.  I will continue to do my thing too.  Sounds like the 2 of us are going to be busy. We will not go by leaps and bounds, but steadily we will make progress.


Richard harvested 12 more little Roosters this morning.  That makes 28 total of the 52.  Things are getting quiet in the Rooster pen.  Some of the little Roos which we were able to identify are not there any longer.  It is a sad time.  Yet, it is also a gratitude time.  Those little Roos are offering up themselves to support and nurture our lives.  Yes, we are very grateful. It's a very big deal.  May we do it in a good way.

Pond or Ponds

This evening, Dale M. came over to scope out our plans for one maybe two ponds.  He will come next week with the big equipment.  And yes, there will be damage to the land.  We are not excited about that part.  But the end result will be something very special indeed.  Plus, on this land, we do not have a water source (other than city water).  Water source is important.  Stay tuned.


These days, I am back into painting.  The canvas is up in the living room, the acrylic paints are out, the brushes are doing a dance, and I am enjoying playing in the paint.  I have an upcoming art show with several of my classmates from the class of '66.  Installation is September 19, so I am on deadline.  While multiple things are happening around here, my Dear Family is giving me support toward staying focused on something that is very special to me.  Yes, I have been promising that I would talk about this soon on this little Blog.  This is just a snippet.  More later.