Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here Comes the Sun

Glinda writes:

In our journeys to live more at peace with this Planet, we 3 partners have become more observant of her cycles and rhythms. As we watch these things, we are filled with awe, humility and a sense of the web supporting all creation on this beautiful planet whirling in the great cosmic sea.

At this season, our eyes turn to the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice arrives on Friday, December 21. Since I was a little girl, I have remembered with a touch of sadness and perhaps fear that this is the “longest night of the year”. A kind of gloom descended. My thinking certainly came from my culture but perhaps it was reminiscent of ancient times past. Then, peoples of the Earth did not know if the sun would return and the winter season lay all around them.

Indigenous peoples felt (and feel) stories and actions of the two-leggeds were intimately bound into the cycles of the planet. Humans could actually alter this delicate yet robust balance. At this season and on this day, celebrations were held to call for and express gratitude for the return of the sun.

With the Winter Solstice, the sun will appear to rise and set more to the North and the days will get longer. As I began to focus more on and be grateful for the “return of the sun” at this time, I was filled with hope and joy. As this day passes, I allow myself to rest as the planet rests, while I begin planning for the growing season ahead. Seed catalogues have just begun to arrive and plans for the garden are sprouting like seeds germinating beneath fertile soil.

Yet, for me, another aspect of the sun’s return is apparent. We live in a time of considerable darkness. We seem stuck in a mire of downward spiral. One has only to turn on the radio or TV and watch the steady and almost unspeakable stream of angst of our fellow humans.

Many say however that we live in a time of great transformation. I believe that this is indeed the case. Humans on some kind of elemental level seem to be making a choice to continue on this planet or not. I think the choice is being made to continue here as some kind of benign presence living at peace and harmony with all things. One has only to look around at the myriad of actions where love unfolds and people seek a more simple and spiritual life. Turn off the TV and become a student of these things. Watch them around you and in you. That indeed is our true state.

Here comes the sun.

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