Thursday, December 27, 2007

Magical Gate

Glinda writes:

In special moments in our lives on our spiritual journeys, we are presented with magical gates. In those moments, we may dance around looking for some kind of opening. Past decisions and paths seem less than fulfilling. We are unsettled. We know we need to move on. The more we cling to that former path or try to make it work, the more unsettled we become. Something needs to change. But what?

Something happens. An arrow, beacon, Light, Spirit, God, Creator, Goddess, whatever name He or She is called, points us to an opening we had ignored before. We may have even run from that place as fast as our uncertain feet could carry us. This was the last place we imagined we'd be. Yet it is present. It's shape and form are more clear. We find ourselves closer and closer to that opening. We cannot ignore it any longer.

O.K. I give up. I am ready to walk through that Magical Gate into that Great Unknown Space. Be kind. Be tender toward me. Let me learn the lessons that I must. Give me the strength and courage to walk this path so that I may fulfill the purpose You intended.

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