Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ever Watchful

These days, we sit on the shoulder season between fall and winter.  One can usually look at which way the wind is blowing and know precisely who is in charge.  In earlier posts, I have called this a dance and it is indeed.

Meanwhile, the People of the Land are ever watchful.  Frost is a distinct possibility.  And with it comes the end of several crops:  tomatoes, green beans, peppers, sweet potatoes.  Despite the drought, we have been blessed with abundance, for which we are very grateful.

Today, Richard dug Sweet Potatoes and Carrots.  The Sweet Potatoes are in the shed "hardening off" their skins.  Newly dug, their skins are very tender and easily damaged.  In a day or two, their skins will be stronger, at which point, they will head to the house to be stored.  Sweet Potatoes were indeed abundant.  Richard did not dig all of the Carrots; they are currently in the downstairs fridge.  Lurah and Hollis Dale picked some treasures for their larder.  It feels so good to share.

We brought in the Geraniums and the Coleus, both of which were in pots.  Richard brought in the Allspice plant.  This lovely treasure has just gotten too big for us so tomorrow she heads to a new home.  I think she is positively gleeful because she will be treasured and well taken care of.

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