Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Chapter Closes and Another Opens

OK:  In some ways, I can't believe that I am doing this.  In other ways, I have known I needed to do this for some time.

I began writing this blog in December of 2007 and have continued it for almost 5 years.  I had no idea where it would take me and who I would meet along the path.  The blog became a chronicle of our daily adventures on this little farm.  

Along the way, 2227 posts were set down on this little address, and over 61,000 visitors came along side, including 2 distant relatives and their families (one in Germany and another in California) whom I had never known.  I was thrilled.  It is true that some of the numbers were repeats.  And some, who knows how many, simply were lost. They didn't stay long.

Many of you were regulars.  My blog counter gives locations but not addresses, which of course I did not want.  I think the record is over 500 visits from one location.  The blog has allowed for some very interesting conversations, including people in town who knew us by the blog but we did not know them.  They just stopped us by the water filter dispenser at the local grocery store and out of the blue at the antique fair at a local arts festival. 

The intention was to share our adventures but to also encourage the sharing of your own.  It was never to substitute our adventures for another's.  It was to stimulate create thought.

In the past few months, I have been receiving some "nudges" that it is time to move on.  I could hardly imagine it.  But it does seem right. And so I am moving on.  Who knows, maybe another blog will be developed over time.  But for now, I am pretty tired of looking at this little screen.  I am surely making no commitments.  With that, I am headed into having a celebratory cup of tea.  And I am looking forward to that next little excursion outside after dinner or before. 

I feel richly blessed to have had this opportunity.  I extend to you all the best in your own adventures.  Always,



Kirsten Hoffman said...

I'd like to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I first learned of it through an article in the UND Alumni Review. I had a few classes with Melanie and we had some friends in common, so I was interested to learn more about Butterfly Hill Farm. It came at just the right time as we had just moved from Houston to a small hobby farm in South Dakota. I've learned a lot from your blog...never heard of Sorghum Molasses, never thought of using sticks for plant markers, and didn't realize how much WORK is involved in creating a sustainable farm. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you for teaching me a few things along the way. :)

Best wishes to all of you!

Kris Hoffman

Sarah Bushaw said...

I have enjoyed over the years reading your blog. I felt connected to you and your family because of it. How often I think back on our good times together and smile, because of things you said or pictures you posted.. There was a level of comfort felt by me reading your blog and staying connected to you in that way. Time seems to go by so very fast and I always felt it slowed down for me when I would take the time to sit down and read your blog. It makes me smile to think of you 3 C's living your dream, the dream you shared with me so many, many years ago. You have always been a wonderful example of the kind of life that I want to lead: Little by little I'm getting there. I miss you all so much ! Love you and best wishes to you all !!

Sara said...

It is great you can readily accept the change and move on. Have fun with the time you have now opened up! Hope you miss us.

Sara said...

Glad you can accept the change so readily. Have fun doing something in the time opened up for you.