Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Sleeps Past the Wedding

We are 4 sleeps past the wedding. It has taken the better part of the days since to sort dishes/silver/pots/pans/servingware, do wash (which has been continuous), retrieve items that migrated outside the house, tidy up. And we have had helping hands (including Dave, the kids, and his Mom before they left; Julia, Mike, and Beth yesterday). 

We surely have covered a lot of ground. Tent and 25 empty/unused 5 gallon bottles of water have been picked up by the businesses which brought them. Returns to the larger community have begun. The list of who was involved is now at 3 pages and is by no means complete (83). Thank you's have begun. This stage is not done by any means and may forever be incomplete. We shall send "thank you's" out into the ethers. Significant progress has been made. 

We are beginning to do normal farm things. The Farm and House look pretty normal except they are super clean and tidy (for us).  Naps are good. Looking around, it is pretty easy to ask the question: "Did the wedding really happen?" And we smile. The place and all the beings here seem to glow.

An Abundance of Volunteers

We are putting together a list of all those who helped with the wedding festivities this weeken. To be honest, there is no way we could list them all. So far we are at 74. People were just volunteering out of the woodwork. It was so amazingly cool.

Flower Shack

One stall of the garage was converted into the "Flower Shack": Flowers for the wedding were those in season and from the land here. The Bride and her Mother (who was asked to oversee the flowers) wanted no store bought flowers.  Many contributed. 

A few days before the wedding, Jackie S. sent out the call for flowers to Master Gardeners in the area and to gardeners at First Presbyterian Church. Eva picked them up at Jackie's house the morning of the wedding. By the time she arrived about 10 at the Farm, her van was full. In addition, Kristina sent buckets of flowers via Allison (who found it a real adventure to find Kristina's house). Sarah Saltmarsh brought her own lovely potted plants. Julia brought flowers too. I am sure I am missing someone. 

By 10 am, the flower arrangers were gathered in the garage making bouquets for the bride, for Isabel, for the tables (big and small). Plus we were making boutonnieres and corsages too, with Eva's experience and loving attention guiding the way. 

Flower arrangers were:  Eva, Allison, Brockell, Isabel, Jan, Julia, me.  (Did I forget someone?)  When we had to skee-dattle to eat lunch, change into wedding clothes, onto other chores, Marcia came in to gather flower petals for Etta's basket.  Etta was the flower girl.   

At one point, the groom came to check out the doin's.  We surely created a traffic jam of parked cars outside the garage and blocking the drive.  Patrick and Phoenix volunteered to offer valet parking to move the cars onto the lane.  

We had so much fun. It was cold and rainy which was perfect for the flowers.  I admit, I kept adding clothes and then changing clothes because I was wet from the trips through the rain.  I kept asking Richard to gather buckets and specific flowers as needed from our yard. And off he would go out in the rain (sometimes accompanied by lightning, yikes). What an amazing time.

Cake Was Superb

And I surely have to post an entry on the cake. Teri and Brian did a simply fantastic job on the cake. This is the last blog entry that Teri has made on the cake. 

I have to share some kind of funny stories related to the cake. We had a lot of left over food, which we gave away with abandon to so many who had lovingly helped with the festivities. (We did not give away cake because it was largely gone to just some crumbs.  Yes, there were other reasons we didn't give those crumbs away too.) 

The food for the feast became "seeds" for several sweet functions. When 3 year old Shivani was here with her Mom, we were offering up food for her Grandpa's 77th birthday celebration which they were hosting. "What do you need?" While her Mom was reluctant at first, we were thrilled to share. After a bit of time, Shivani said in her very quiet voice: "I would take some cake." I also noted that 5 children/adolescents made a special and exuberant trip into the house seeking the cake as festivities were closing. There were adults who sought out the cake too. 

I just am stunned at all the work that Brian and Teri put into this. This was a very big commitment and adventure into the unknown. Thank you Teri and Brian!

Teri's Blog

Our Own Version of an Amish Barn Raising

We are simply stunned by all the people who just jumped into roles to support the wedding festivities. Melanie had a vision for the wedding. We all did. It surely was met and achieved. One part that was so amazing was that the festivities and the bridal couple were launched by the community. In some ways, it was like an Amish Barn Raising, where countless individuals (some even unknown to us) came together to meet a common goal. To be honest, I have never seen anything like it. We are in awe. We are held in a lap of love. We are deeply grateful. Thank you one and all...

Feast and Migration

Melanie wanted the feast after the wedding to be served with real napkins (most of which she made), on real plates, with real silverware and with real glasses (canning jars). She also wanted the guests to wash what they used so a washing line was set up. Three meals (rehearsal dinner, breakfast and lunch on wedding day) were made and served in the house with many people coming to assist. The feast after the wedding was made by a restaurant in the Greentop area (Sebrees) which specializes in local food. The food was fantastic. Everything was so awesome. 

It was pretty funny, because with the volume of people going through the house, a considerable number of items in the kitchen moved onto other places. We know they are still here somewhere. We can almost hear them murmuring to come back to their regular places. We hadn't realized how much we loved so many of the items. Over half of the stainless steel knives/forks/spoons have migrated elsewhere and are surely intermingled with service for 180. Richard couldn't find his trusty mug. One by one we are finding the "lost" and you should hear our exuberance as we are reunited. It is pretty funny really. The old me would have been a stress cadet. The new me goes with the flow and trusts that we will soon be reunited. Every reunion is another loving memory of such a beautiful time.

Wedding Day

May 27:

Already the wedding was 2 days ago. How can that be? The day was just absolutely fantastic. We had cold and pouring down rain in the morning. And it did not dampen our spirits one bit. We live on a Water Planet, right? I do know some prayers were said out there. 

Just before the wedding, the rain stopped. Decision was made by Amanda Packard and Beth Campbell (who picked up the reins of the wedding festivities just 2 days before) to go ahead with the outdoor wedding as planned. Chairs were put up as the loving guests arrived. It was so awesome. Melanie, Julia Jack-Scott and I watched the doin's from the Bride's Chamber which was 1 story above and largely out of sight to those below. 

Would you believe that when the ceremony began under the arbor, the sun began to shine? The rest of the day was lush and gorgeous. The whole wedding went without a hitch. It had all the serenity of the beginning of a sacred union and it was also so much fun. I cannot believe all the people who were involved. It reached a stage where so many people just fell into the roles that were needed. Dave Greene and Melanie and their families and community were surrounded with love. What a launching of their commitment! 

Thanks to all who came, who lovingly sent wishes from afar, and to all those who helped in large and small ways. We are in the "after glow" time. And it feels so very good. Pictures will follow.