Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Sleeps Past the Wedding

We are 4 sleeps past the wedding. It has taken the better part of the days since to sort dishes/silver/pots/pans/servingware, do wash (which has been continuous), retrieve items that migrated outside the house, tidy up. And we have had helping hands (including Dave, the kids, and his Mom before they left; Julia, Mike, and Beth yesterday). 

We surely have covered a lot of ground. Tent and 25 empty/unused 5 gallon bottles of water have been picked up by the businesses which brought them. Returns to the larger community have begun. The list of who was involved is now at 3 pages and is by no means complete (83). Thank you's have begun. This stage is not done by any means and may forever be incomplete. We shall send "thank you's" out into the ethers. Significant progress has been made. 

We are beginning to do normal farm things. The Farm and House look pretty normal except they are super clean and tidy (for us).  Naps are good. Looking around, it is pretty easy to ask the question: "Did the wedding really happen?" And we smile. The place and all the beings here seem to glow.

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