Monday, November 24, 2008

Winterizing for Chickens

November 23:

Melanie and Richard finalized Winter Preparations for the Chickens today. That included:
  • Caulking East Window of their New Addition to their House which had leaked with Easterly Rains.
  • Adding to the Patio on the North Side of their House, doubling the Patio in size since we doubled our Flock.
  • Building Perching Ladder for their Patio from Willow from the Lagoon (which needed to be cut back).
  • Stapling Chicken Wire at the base of their House to deter Predators (possible Predators would include Raccoons, Rats, Mink, Weasel; none have been issues to the present and we like it that way).
  • Collecting dry Soil for their Winter Dust Baths which they relish with Glee (Chickens dust bathe to control Parasites).
  • Making Chicken Saddles (or Capes or Jackets) for the 2 Hennies who had featherless "Bare Backs" (Penny and Blackberry). Can you even imagine how awful it would be to have no Feathers on Bare Backs during the midst of Winter? Melanie found references and instructions for "Chicken Saddles" in several texts. She took the lead on this one and came up with the details of her own design. The last picture shows Penny as a Runway Model with her new Cape. If you can imagine the Commentator's Voice as Penny strolls down the Grassy Runway: "Penny's Chicken Cape is made of light Blue Denim, with Zigzag Stitching and Elastic Wing Pieces for a nicely Tailored Fit. This particular design is especially suited for Winter Wear and for an Active Lifestyle in the Coop or hunting for Seeds in the Garden."

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