Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken House News

January 16:

My camera takes its best pics in natural light. Inside shots are iffy, especially those shots of a swirling mass of excited Chickens welcoming their Human Companions during a very cold day when they are stuck inside. This pic was the best of a couple of dozen.

Today, the Sun was brighter and stronger, but the weather was bitterly cold. The low was -7 and the high was expected to be 7 above. We were pretty lucky considering the weather folks are experiencing in other parts of the country, especially our friends on the Upper Plains.

Dorreen, a kindred spirit from the Upper Plains, sent a link to a song today that made us laugh. You need to have lived in that area to get the best belly laugh out of this one.I can just imagine that music could be (and perhaps has been) written about living on each place of this wonderful Earth. I wonder if such music has been written about these parts which are our new home?

Back to the Chickens: The Chickens on Butterfly Hill Farm did not get out of their House today. They could have been inside composing their own music and their own story on such a fine day. Melanie reports they were a little bored, but they were fine.

On such days, Melanie keeps them inside because it is just too cold. Since they do not wear little hats, they get frost bite on their combs. That would not be pleasant. Did you know that a Rooster with a frozen comb is likely to be infertile for a period of time? We have another plan for Freddie.

I can imagine that the Hennies and their Roo are dreaming of a time soon when they will be out and clamoring for attention like they are in the photo above. Whenever one or more of us is outside, those Charming Chickens run as fast as they can to mill around us as they anticipate a treat. We just smile.

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