Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the Sign

Over the last few years, we have increasingly tried to garden and initiate practical matters "In the Sign". "In the Sign", at least in these parts, means using Cycles of the Moon as a basis for certain actions, including gardening.

Some from Western Culture might consider such doin's out of touch in Modern Times. I would respond that Modern Times can be out of touch too. Such knowledge was routine practice by previous generations. Some remember those details and some still practice in those ways. This is knowledge and practice that I choose not to forget.

I believe there is more to Living and Nature than we know or can know. Such lessons about living within the cycles of Nature are all around us. We have only to pay attention. We have only to go with their flow. Why would we want to go against any of that?

I have always been fascinated by the Moon. I have often called her "Mrs. Moon". Somehow, she has seemed like my Friend in the Sky. I have loved her changing shape from no Moon at all to Full Moon, her new time of rising and setting, her new place in the Sky as I go about the routine of my day. Where is she anyway?

I have also loved being by the Sea. I am mesmerized by Waves and Tides. I know the Moon exerts a pull on the Sea which results in Tides. I know this is a "Water Planet". I know that we Humans are "Water Beings". Surely there is more going on than what I have been taught. Surely the Moon exerts an influence on us too.

I am "listening up" to gleanings of Moon Sign from such resources as the Farmer's Almanac and the talk of Folks around me. Our neighbor has given us a heads-up on a calendar at a local bank which includes the Signs. In 2008 and 2009, we bought Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book: Plan Your Life by the Cycles of the Moon (2008).

We are novices on these matters. We try to garden in the Sign, from the limited that we know. We put in our clothesline poles at times which were best for fences. We want them to stand tall and proud for a long time. We do not follow all the details. We don't even know all the details. But when we think of it, we do.

Melanie and I have haircuts scheduled for Saturday, January 10. Llewellyn's says to make hair grow thicker, cut when the Moon is full in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, or Leo. So on Saturday to the hairstylists we go!

This little entry introduces a series of "In the Sign" where I plan to note our humble initiatives in such matters. My Head doesn't really get all of this, but my Intuition says more is going on here than I can know. So why not?

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