Thursday, January 15, 2009


January 7:

Seed Catalogs have been arriving since early December with the big push around the holidays. With the arrival of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds today, we now have our favorites.

The rituals of receiving Seed Catalogs awaken the 3 C's from our Mid-Winter Slumber. We reflect on teachings from Gardening 2008, dream and formulate plans for Gardening 2009. We wonder what challenges Nature will offer us.

We go through the pages and circle that 1st round of choices. Sometimes we wait in line like Buffalo at a favorite wallow for a seed catalog that has just arrived. Melanie got out Seed Stashes from previous years, so we are also paying attention to those on hand.

We will each have our separate Gardens again this year with our individual favorites which are becoming our specialties. We will likely have more spaces where we garden together. That will be fun.

You should hear the chatter around here. It could be called an early version of putting our hands back into the Soil. Sarah Saltmarsh wanted to be here to observe our discussions. I laugh because sometimes we 3 are so engrossed in our separate catalogs we hardly come up for air. Quiet time and contemplative page turning are all a part of the process.

We will place orders soon.

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