Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clearing Vision

These days, I am watching my vision "clear". The events of the last few weeks have worn me to the bone. I feel that a Master Sculptor has polished away some things of little value, things which should have been cast aside long ago.

Somehow we in this culture are distracted by many matters of little consequence. That is of course my opinion.

Today was a beautiful Spring day, one of those that we have awaited for a seemingly very long time. I saw many people out walking. I was especially drawn to the young people and the young couples walking arm in arm. We have pictures of Mother and Dad at similar stages. We have pictures of ourselves at similar stages.

I almost wanted to stop them and say: "Do you really realize how short life is?" I didn't. I told this to Mother when I visited her in the hospital. She nodded.

Life is indeed short. My mantras these days are: "I do not want to miss a thing." "I must celebrate the gift of life in every step." Why would I even consider anything less?

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