Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tender Time

I haven't written much lately, which is a switch from my everyday or sometimes more than once a day checking in. Two readers have written or said to us: "What is going on?" I actually could write a book on just the doin's of the last few weeks.

My 86 year old Mother had another trip back to the hospital. This time, she had multiple infections. After just short of 3 week there, she has been back in the Nursing Home a week today. She is very frail.

I try to be open to all the teachings along the path so that I may learn and grow in ways that I am intended. I met a man whose Mother had gone through significant traumas and was Mother's room mate initially on her return to the Nursing Home. He said that they may be seemingly full of life and active at these ages. But then an episode occurs and they pretty quickly go down. How very precious these Elders are.

We do not know what the future holds for Mother, but "end of life" issues are coming up. Of course, none of us know how long we will be here. It seems that Mother is making a decision as to whether she will stick around for a while longer or go on to the Great Beyond. We are trying to be as supportive as possible. That means keeping her comfortable and pain free. It also means just being there for her and trying to follow her lead when we know what that is.

Hospice has recently entered the picture. Some people find that a "downer". But rather I feel that we are letting go and giving her all the support that we can. That means getting help for Mother and help for us too.

We are grateful for every breath.

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