Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Place of Birth

Decades ago, I heard a colorful comment from a friend from West Virginia. That colloquialism has had considerable meaning over my Life. "I feel like I have been drug through a knothole sideways." I laughed at the time and still do.

I have felt this way over these past few years. Yet another meaning popped up for me today.

Certain moments in Life are passage points. We are in yet another birth canal toward becoming all that we are meant to be on our journeys in this Life. Things are dark and the way through is unclear. The other side is not known and I am reluctant to let myself become something that is fresh and new. That part of me resists that change. And I struggle in that tight place.

This is a time however to trust there is a Higher Plan and a Higher Order to such mundane things. I need to put one foot in front of the other and walk into that unknown. I need not question and I must not resist. I am going to a place in my Life where I have not been before on my way to becoming all I have been meant to be. While unknown to me, that path is known by a Divine Being. I just need to take the tiny steps along the way. I simply need to yield to all that is and ever will be.

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