Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outhouse Developments

Wedding plans are coming right along.  In fact, the big date is 2 weeks from today.

In this photo, Dave and Melanie are working on the "outhouse".  They decided that an outhouse would be perfect for the occasion.  (We are also getting 2 porta-potties.)  While Dave is concerned about structure, Melanie has an eye for "cute".  Here Dave is putting the sliver of moon on the door.  It is hard to imagine an outhouse door without a moon.

We are doing our best to "keep things simple".  The big focus is on the wedding ceremony and the vows.  While it is easy to get carried away with a lot of things that would be "nice"  to have done, we are trying to boil things down into what is special (and essential) to do.

And the clock keeps ticking.  Every step is just beautiful.

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