Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

While Richard was running errands across the countryside yesterday, he stopped at a little country store run by an Amish lady. He bought a few things (including horehound, one of our favorites) and paid by check. While he was recording the check in his ledger, he noticed the storekeeper look at the check and then take a second look. When he finished recording the check, he looked back up at her. She was holding the receipt and $6 in change.

She said back in September, he had purchased a stainless steel pot which was 10% off. At the time, she overlooked giving him the sale price. She later caught the mistake and kept the receipt at the till waiting for Richard to come back so she could give him proper change.

Richard was amazed. In these days when people seem greedy in their grabs for money and subsequently distrust seems to shift to escalating levels, such things are like a breath of fresh air. We all smiled. That simple act is part of a world to which we aspire.

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