Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snow Globe

Glinda writes:

At bedtime last night, the outside temperature was 33 degrees. Richard noted ice forming on the deck. We had rain throughout the night. At times, it just poured. Our source for weather information, WeatherUnderground, posted a Flood Watch for the area.

As I got up this morning, I think I saw that precise moment when the rain turned to snow. At first, I saw "one gray something" which I could not identify. My slow morning brain must have still been thinking rain. I took a second look. Then, big isolated globs fell from the sky. When they hit the shingles of the roof, they scattered. Those first snowflakes were more like snowballs of wet snowflakes stuck together with a vaporous watery glue. They were huge. I could see the well defined snow falling down against the background of the dark South Woods which were wet from rain.

Within 20 minutes, the snow was finer in texture. Instead of the dark tans, grays, blacks for backgrounds of a few moments before, the world had become white. We could see the edges of our "40" but not much beyond. Richard had gone to feed and water the Chickens, and open their door to the outside world. Our little house, the 3 Humans plus the Dog and Cats, and the Chickens seemed to be inside a bubble of our house looking out to one of those Snow Globes of my childhood.

Melanie said: "Let's go for a walk." The 3 Humans and the Dog headed outside where we happily became part of the Snow Globe rather than separate from it.

Photo above: The Master paints a gentle brush stroke of snow on every blade of grass, leaf, bough, branch, twig, except those on yonder side of wind.

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