Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seeds Have Arrived!

Glinda writes:

All seeds for the garden have arrived! We may order a few more between now and planting, but mostly the seeds are right here at our finger tips.

We have sorted them into 4 small boxes: Richard's (2 boxes), Melanie's (1), and mine (1). We now are sorting them again into the few piles we will need to start indoors.

I have detailed in an earlier entry the veggies we ordered, but I did not detail the flowers. Melanie ordered flowers and so did I. The flowers will be in the "Grandmother's Garden" in the front and throughout the big veggie garden in back. That means the veggie patch should be a riot of color. I have purposefully ordered older varieties known to generations before. We will surely be enjoying them in the yard and garden. Plus, I love to make bouquets and give them away.

We are excited. Here is what is in our seed stash:

  • Aquilegia, or, Colombine (Shumway's)
  • Bachelor's Button Mixture (Seed Savers)
  • Bachelor's Button, Polka Dot Mixed (Shumway's)
  • Calendula, Neon (Shumway's)
  • Canterbury Bells (Shumway's)
  • Celosia, Scarlet Fire (Seeds of Change)
  • Cosmos (from dear friend Ann Hiner)
  • Cosmos, Sensation Mix (Shumway's)
  • Everlasting Flower Mix (Shumway's)
  • Gloriosa Daisy, Single Mix (Shumway's)
  • Grandmother's Old-Fashioned Flower Garden (Shumway's)
  • Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott's (Seed Savers)
  • Pansy, Can Can Mix (Shumway's)
  • Salvia, Blaze of Fire (Shumway's)
  • Salvia Mixture (Seed Savers)
  • Snapdragons, Maximum Mixed (Shumway's)
  • Sweet Pea, Grandiflora Mixture (Seed Savers)
  • Wildflowers, Bird & Butterfly Mix (Shumway's)
  • Wildflowers, Native Perennial Mix (Shumway's)
  • Zinnia, Benary's Giant (Seed Savers)
  • Zinnia, California Giants Mixed (Shumway's)
  • Zinnia, Magellan (Shumway's)
  • Zinnia, Oklahoma Mix (Shumway's)
  • Zinnia, Persian Carpet (Pinetree Garden Seeds)
  • Zinnia, Thumbelina (Shumway's)

My eyes and hands go over and over the seed packs. Occasionally, my eyes drift outside to the gray skies overhead which are likely to bring freezing rain and snow after midnight tonight. Such things don't seem too bad as the gardening season will soon arrive.

(Richard just brought me a fresh baked cinnamon roll. Yummy! I am headed away from this Blog to the kitchen!)

What, Dear Friend, will you be planting in your lovely garden this year?

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