Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nature Notes

February 3:

A gentle but dense fog crept in this morning. On our walk before breakfast, we noted the fog had lifted somewhat, but still cast a blanket of softness all about. Fog seems to shut down those myriads of distractions in the outside world, particularly those of the Human kind. It gently encourages us to focus on that which is close. A huge Turkey bolted from his perch in the tree of our South Woods. Or is it the Turkey's Woods? We are not sure who was more startled: the Turkey or the Humans.

In that gentle space between daylight and dark, we watched in wonder as 5 deer found the scratch piles at the edge of the lawn. Two were does and 3 were yearlings. One of the yearlings paused to look at the lights and activity in the house. We watched this beautiful creature and wondered: What does s/he ponder in us?

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