Friday, December 2, 2011

Bee Hive

On this day, Melanie took a course on Bee Keeping, sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension Service and taught by Jim and Valerie Duever from Auxvasse, Missouri ( Melanie says it was an excellent workshop covering such topics as history, anatomy of a honey bee, life cycles, castes, how to build a hive, the hive tool box, pests and diseases. After lunch, participants built a hive consisting of one brood box (the bigger box) and one super which was to be a door prize at the end of the class.

Melanie has wanted bees for years, so the class was a must for her.  She wants to do her part for conservation of Bees.  Of course, we'd like and need the pollination too. And we love Honey.

As they got closer to the give away, Ethan from the Farm down South looked at Melanie and said:  "If you win this, it will be the Universe's way of saying it's time to get Bees."  She had already been thinking about that.  At the end of the day, they read the number 685 which she had right there in her hand, to which she responded:  "Yesssss!"

We are always having adventures here on the Farm.  It is also somewhat amusing that she has been in charge of door prizes for the Kirksville Community Chorus "Holiday Heritage Tunes and Treats".  She has spent considerable energy making sure that there are lots of fun, exciting and whimsical Treats for folks.  On this day, it was her turn.

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