Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Introducing Christmas Branch

We 3 C's have long been using Pine or Spruce trimmings for our Christmas Tree for quite some time. On December 12, we headed out with Saw and Eyes to the White Pines to see which Branches might like to become this year's Blessed Christmas Tree/Branch.  Two were selected.  Richard and Melanie sawed them.  Then the 2 of them secured them in place with 2 screws and a little board.  The Christmas Branch (which really was "2") was later put in a bucket with a big rock and water, and the decorating began. And so what are the "perks" for us of this little choice?
  • We trim from Trees here.
  • And yes, the Christmas Branch is spindly in today's standards.  But it was a gift of Nature and is just perfect.  Somehow, it reminds me of the Trees of my childhood.  They were perfectly imperfect too.    
  • No Tree died.  
  • The Branch is fresh, contributing the tiniest of scents to the house. 
  • It isn't offgassing nasty chemicals into our house like the conventional ones are known to do.  We don't need to put scented candles or other nonsense to cover up the smell.  (It doesn't work anyway.)
  • No chemicals were added to "green it up".  
  • It isn't made from "oil" which is typical of conventional Holiday Trees.  
  • It wasn't shipped in from China or some other remote part of the Earth, our Home.  And if you haven't figured it out, we 3 C's on this Little Farm are seriously trying to reduce our use of Oil and our impacts on other regions of our World.  (I hope Folks in those horribly affected areas know we are trying.)  
  • We carried it on our own 2 feet and it was a nice 5 minutes walk in the fresh cool air.  
  • No, it won't last as long as an artificial one.  As soon as it's done, we will compost it around the Blueberry Bushes, who will also be thrilled.  
  • Those artificial ones will take forever to biodegrade. 
  • Generally, White Pine holds its needles, but we may have a Needle or 2 to pick up.  Some folks say that real Trees are messy.  Nature is messy.  But you talk about a mess:  I suppose we can consider that Artificial Tree which will become long tired of use a gift in Full Landfills to those future Generations. Yes, that is a real mess.  Those future generations will be scratching their heads and wondering:  "What were they thinking?" "Were they thinking?" "Were they thinking about us?"
  • And in this moment in time, we 3 C's can feel satisfied knowing that we have not knowingly contributed to the ill effects of the above.
  • Are we perfect?  No.  Will we ever be?  No. But we have the satisfaction of using our Creative Gifts to try to a different route.
So, it is with great pride, love, and gratitude that we introduce to you this year's Christmas Branch.

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