Thursday, February 26, 2009


I called Fargo, North Dakota, today. Aside from the agenda at hand, I asked "Chris" on the other end of the line about the weather. He said, "We are really having some." First, they had had ice and then snow. At the time of our conversation, roads were beginning to be shut down.

We lived for 32 years 80 miles north of Fargo in Grand Forks. Whenever I talk to someone in that region, I must find out weather happenings. It takes me right back to living there. To survive and thrive in the face of Winter weather challenges, folks in that region are made of some pretty sturdy stock.

After living here almost 2 years, I have watched the same Arctic weather patterns spill down across the Great Plains and sometimes wind up right here in northeastern Missouri. I told Chris that I should express my gratitude to the Place and the Folks there for softening the impact of Winter's fury before it arrives here. By the time it reaches us, Winter is more moderate. For these things, I am deeply grateful.

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