Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Praise of Hips

As my right hip heals from the fall February 1 and surgery February 10, my pace is slower. I may have fast-forwarded before even here on this little Farm. That seems a contradiction as to why we came. I shall surely have to ponder that one.

These days, my life is condensed to "moments" which flow one into the other. I wonder why we Humans of Western Culture have to wait for traumatic events to "go slow". Something needs to be done to fix that program for that surely is not the way we were intended.

I am definitely making progress. I am soaking in the outpouring of love, healing wishes, and prayers sent my way. I am watching and feeling my body heal. We are such miracles of healing if we will only let our bodies do the work that they yearn for and know so well.

The walker now sits idly in a corner of the room. I have been walking more and more on my own, although initially mostly in the house. My steps are stronger, albeit slow and thoughtful.

I got a cane today. It just seemed right. The cane will support the healing of my hip and I will likely not tire as quickly. I regret the cane is a standard issue and a "functional but boring gray". I should like one with a bit more fire.

I am having plenty of naps as rest is essential. I have read 2 books (Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie) while soaking in stories in the late 19th century and pondering relations of Settlers and 1st Peoples. I am dipping into Liza Alzo's 3 Slovak Women as a means of illuminating the story of my Croatian Grandmother.

My daily activities are more normal. I had planted seeds for the garden in boxes Richard had made and placed at the south window. I am ever watchful. I keep spraying the warm soil and seeds with water. Those tiny little seeds are now sprouting tiny little plants.

Melanie suggested that I make an Apple Pie yesterday as a part of my intentional therapy. I did. Yum. I am proud to report that I have not lost my touch. I started Sweet Potatoes today, just as Ilene, the Sweet Potato Guru, says she usually begins about February 19.

It is so wonderful to see daily life begin to take on "normal". How did I ever overlook the beauty of the tiniest details of my life?

I have visited Mother twice in the nursing home since the surgery. She says that sometime in the future, we will look back at all of this and wonder how it all happened.

Every walk and motion I take these days is in praise of hips. I cannot imagine that I did not praise those hips earlier. It is about time. They are very special indeed.

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