Friday, February 13, 2009


On the flip side of hip surgery, I am deeply grateful and humbled to report all went very well. Surgery was Tuesday. I was released from the hospital not quite 24 hours later.

I am walking slow, with the walker and soon with a cane. Amazingly, I can walk without the walker but I do need to give my hip some loving support as it heals. Those hips are supposed to last a lifetime, which requires my own tender care. I do climb stairs, albeit slowly. My own home and bed have never felt so good. The whole experience has produced a treasure trove of writing material. But enough of that...

I am getting much needed rest. I am happy to report I am reveling in it. Oh, I remember those many years when I could not rest. I was so hyped on the "do, do, do" of our society that I often overlooked taking care of me. 3 days past surgery, I am not yet out of my jammies. My favorite blankies are easily found. And the Laura Ingalls Wilder books are at my side.

Richard and Melanie are ever supportive, including appearing almost instantly when my hospital release was cleared. They are working on their own rest too because such things take a toll on all of us. We are settling into a lovely lap of love and healing, surrounded by the loving arms of Creator, family, friends and this little Farm.

The writing will be a little slower over the coming days, even though the writing material is emerging all around. I'll be back soon.

Thank you, Dear Ones, for your loving thoughts, deeds, and prayers.

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horticolous* said...

get well soon! spring's coming!