Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tug of War

We are now in the shoulder season between Winter and Spring. Those 2 Great Giants seem engaged in a tug of war over who should dominate.

The last 2 days have been warm, giving us a sneak peak of what might soon be spring. We are eager, we are expectant of this shift. Today, we had a "real toad drowned-er", or so some say in these parts. That included thunderstorms and heavy rain for a time. At this writing, we have high winds roaring. Over the next 2 days, the temperature is supposed to drop. By noon on Saturday, we should have 2 inches of snow.

All of Creation seems on the verge of a great shift in seasons. These days, the Sun is stronger, when it shines. At sunrise and sunset, that amazing Sun creeps further and further north along the eastern and western horizons.

We are seeing the beginning of the great bird migrations as more and more are passing through. Snow Geese are still passing through although not in the great numbers we saw earlier. Blackbirds are back in good numbers. Some of the Ducks are getting back. Richard even saw 4 Swans a couple of days ago over in the Millard area. We are watching for the Hawk Migration which should be very soon.

The early morning sounds feature birds tuning up for their spring calls, as if just before the beginning of a grand symphony. Humans are out more and some days they are shedding their heavier winter wear.

All of Creation seems to feel the coming of the Spring. But Winter is not yet willing to give up His Hold. Somehow, in the middle of this grand drama, we must surely need to be content just sitting in our front row seats in the stands. We Humans are small in the scheme of things.

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