Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Man Who Planted Trees

Last fall, Richard ordered 625 trees and shrubs from the Missouri Department of Conservation. They arrived 3 days ago. As of today, we have 105 in the ground.

Almost all 625 are indigenous varieties. These new residents on Butterfly Hill Farm include: Black Oak, Black Walnut, Bur Oak, Elderberry, Hazelnut, Large Northern Red Oak, Large Pin Oak, Northern Red Oak, PawPaw, Persimmon, Red Pine, Shellbark Hickory, White Oak, White Pine. Plus we ordered 3 bundles: Pecan Variety Bundle, Conservation Bundle, and Extra Large Nut Tree Bundle.

Richard has "heeled them in", which means digging them into a trench and covering their roots with soil. This temporary move protects the little seedlings and gives the planters just a little time to consider placement and to plant. Richard checked the moon sign book and discovered that when the moon is in Scorpio, it is supposed to be a good time to plant trees. Scorpio is Richard's sign. This falls in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the moon cycle we are now in, which makes the best time for planting trees these next 2 weeks. We are right on target. We don't know a lot about moon cycles but we try to follow the signs when we are aware.

While the little trees and shrubs sit in their little trench (or their new homes) planning their adventures in their new home, we Humans are touring the farm and dreaming. The planting of trees, almost more than any other activity we have undertaken so far, encourages us to dream and plan what the farm will be like in the future.

Richard and I note that we will not see many of these trees as they reach maturity. That gives us pause. We are doing this for someone else. We sure enjoy them now as they push their tiny heads about the soil and we will enjoy them on every day of our journeys here.

A few years ago, Melanie gave me a book called The Man who Planted Trees, which in effect is about the difference one makes across space and time by such a simple action. At the farm, Richard has taken the lead on the planting of trees. He just has this special knowing and drive on trees and natural landscapes. Certainly, we all are churning ideas and energy into the mix. As I look at his journey in this dimension, I find something quite magical about those special people who plant trees to preserve the rich natural heritage of which we are all so blessed to be a part.

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