Friday, March 14, 2008

Nature Notes

March 12:

Melanie and I walk to the mailbox. Temperatures hit 70 today and Spring is definitely in the air. The little kid in me says: "Let's skip!"

Outwardly, Nature is tawny brown, slow and perhaps non-commitmental. She's smart. We Humans think Spring and Summer seasons are automatic now. Once it hits 70, it should stay that way. Not!

The Plants and Critters know we are in that inbetween. Snow is predicted again. It makes no sense for tender things to arise too quickly. While definitely in retreat, Winter can still make a guest appearance.

On our walk, Melanie said she can hardly wait to mow. So she carefully parted the decomposing vegetation to see what was below. Sure enough, green plants are pushing up from the Earth. She laughed and said that just as soon as she mows a few times, she will have enough.

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