Sunday, March 9, 2008


March 9:

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the 1st trip of our move to Butterfly Hill Farm. A year ago, we headed down across those expansive Great Plains in our 4 car caravan: Melanie, Sarah, Richard and me in our stuffed vehicles. Sarah Cummins had eagerly volunteered to help us with the move. "How can I not help you move home?"

As we have made this trip routinely over the course of 3 decades, the 3 C's were very familiar and perhaps even in love with the roads, turns, landscapes. Sarah was not familiar as she had not been along this route before. We kept her tucked right in the middle of our caravan, especially as the night came.

We are reminded of the wonderful community of folks who have supported and held us in this remarkable transition. We shall always be deeply grateful and in awe of it all. Isn't that what the human experience is about? We are to give tender care to others, every moment and especially during those special transitional markers of life. We are richly blessed.

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