Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nature Notes

Glinda writes:

March 2: While I focus eagerly on family history, the face of the Seasons is changing. As we head into early March, we are at the crossroads of the grand dramas of 2 seasons: Winter and Spring. You can almost see and feel them as they enthusiastically push their energy into the space around us. "I shall not let go my hold. I'm Winter!" "No, I'm here. I'm Spring!" It's almost like 2 exuberant kids on the playground.

The last couple of days, Spring has had her hold and we have loved every minute. Yesterday and throughout the night, we had Canada Geese and various ducks making their way overhead. The Canada Geese were low and you could hear their wonderful calls signalling spring. Directionally, they were headed from South to North. Today we have had flocks of Snow Geese flying overhead. At one point, they were from horizon to horizon. Mostly they were heading from East to West and seemed to be riding the variable currents of the wind.

We know these wonderful migrants are headed far to the North. Some may even be flying over the land where we lived so long and the friends we know so well. We look up, send them joyous wishes for their glorious nesting season and ask they say "Hello" from us to those precious human friends below.

Tonight, it is supposed to snow. "I shall not let go my hold!"

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