Sunday, March 2, 2008

Round Robin Letters

Glinda writes:

February 28: I am drawn more and more to family history. With Papa's passing last summer, I am more aware of unanswered questions. Certainly returning to my home county draws up questions too. In reclaiming family traditions on the farm, we find stories and questions tucked into old photos, recipes, seams of quilts, family memorabilia.

The photo above shows some very special written treasures. In the early 1980s, Mother suggested to her 2 sisters Louise and Ruthie that they write "Round Robin" letters between them where they would share stories from their childhoods. Plus, there's more. In 2000, Melanie took a Women's Studies class from Kathy Coudle King at the University of North Dakota where she focused on the female line and women's history in her family. She wrote questions to her Grandmother (my Mother) and Great Aunt Ruthie, to which her Grandmother and Great Aunt gave written responses. Sweet...

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