Friday, March 14, 2008

A Chariton Collector

Glinda writes:

In the 1980s, Richard's Mother sent us 1 issue of the Chariton Collector, which I devoured. The Chariton is a major river and thread through these parts. The Chariton Collector was a magazine featuring northeast Missouri history, legends, lore. Unfortunately, the magazine was a short-timer, lasting only through the 1980s.

I would love to get my hands on copies. For now, I found the next best thing. The Chariton Collector is available on the web as a result of the efforts of Katherine Goodwin, a Truman State University student who was completing requirements toward her Folklore minor. She graduated in 2006. The site is maintained by the Special Collections Department at Truman. Talk about a treasure. Check it out if you are interested.

I think every region should have its own archive celebrating its uniquenesses, if it doesn't already. That archive should surely be written. But more importantly, it should be carried close to our hearts wherever we go.

In our western dominator culture, we focus on urban sameness which is in rapid and constant change. Call it fashion, style, trend, the latest-newest-most improved version. Whatever that is, we elevate people, places and the material far away from the humble local place that is (or was) home. No matter where we live, we need to balance this with coming home and celebrating that which surrounds us and gives us meaning and identity. Forcing urban sameness on us homogenizes us and creates a dis-ease. To be O.K. in this kind of world, we must leave the familiar. We must leave who we are.

Consequently, we Humans chasing this world view have traveled a lot searching for that which is deemed by someone out there as superior. I believe that it is time we came home and made peace with who we are and where we are from.

That's a big reason for my family's return to Adair County and settling on this little farm. There is a whole new world here that I left a long time ago. As I return, it is as if I am seeing it for the 1st time. Sure, the place and people have changed. So have I. I am excited. It is like returning to the comfort of a dear friend from long ago. After being apart for so long, we are settling into the comfort of just being who we are.

Glinda's note: Jay Bulen passed on the information about the availability of the Chariton Collector on line. Thanks, Jay!

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