Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain Check

Molasses Cake is one of our favorites. We use Richard's Mother's recipe and the family's own homemade Molasses. We make it regularly.

My plan has been to take a picture of the cake fresh out of the oven. Or, cut a piece, place it on a pretty plate with a fork and napkin beside. Maybe even with a bite missing. Then take a picture, post it with the recipe on this little Blog.

The problem is we just don't keep the cake around long enough. You make it and it just disappears. We almost always give some away too.

Melanie just made a cake about 36 hours ago. Piece by piece, it just disappeared. In fact, Melanie just ate the last piece. Guess we will have to call that post on the Blog a raincheck for now.

Great idea.

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Dorreen Yellow Bird said...

I just typed a long note and it disappeared so this is just a test. Hi and I hope this makes it through. E-mail me if it does. Also e-mail me you phone #. For some reason I only have your old one.