Sunday, December 21, 2008


The Winter Season is shaping up to be a challenging one if the last few days are any indication of what is to come. We had Rain, Thunder and Lightning on Thursday evening. Yes, Thunder and Lightning in mid-December are unheard of in these parts.

The Rain poured down from the East, coating anything and everything on that side. Freezing temperatures turned Rain to Ice. Weather Underground showed we missed the brunt of the Storm which carved its path toward the North and East.

We awoke to 1/2 inch of ice on Friday which topped 4 inches of Snow already on the ground. The Ice pretty much shut the place down. Area Schools closed. Out here in the Country, the ribbony, narrow, hilly blacktop with sharp drop-offs was passable but not a good idea. Some Folks, including those who had never missed a day of work, called in that they could not get there. Others described getting there, but weren't sure how.

Our Gravel Road was sheer Ice. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be a Rural Letter Carrier. But Tom made it through.

Around here, Walking was difficult. Chickens needed to be tended and Wild Birds (including Quail) and Deer appreciated Richard's regular offerings since everything was frozen solid.

The best Walking was solid Footsteps sharply pushed down through the ice shelf over Snow with immediate contact on the Ground. The loud noises of Feet pushing through Ice sounded like Giants were moving about. But it was just the 3 of us. Richard helped me put on my cleats and I used a walking stick. I didn't walk outside much but they helped.

On Saturday evening, Winds came up and Temperature plummeted. While watching the movie Narnia, we heard loud popping cracks, like someone hitting the East face of the House. Richard went outside to check things out. It must have been the Ice. I cannot even imagine the stress it (and our House) must have been under.

Today, high is expected at 4 above with Wind Chills 25 Below. Mom wonders "Why do they tell us that? We never needed to know that before." I wonder if People these days just routinely travel more and without consideration for Nature's Power.

I wonder why I left my heavy winter coat with Karen in North Dakota. I could use it today.

Nature is so powerful and we Hairless Humans are so small. These days, we are grateful for Heat, Lights, Water, Food, Companions, Comforts. Nature blesses us with these things daily. We try to be thankful every day. Today our gratitude and our humility are more apparent.

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