Monday, December 22, 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

Yesterday was Winter Solstice, the Longest Night and the Shortest Day of the Year. In the Northern Hemisphere, this day marks the Sun's rising on the Southernmost point of the Horizon. This Day also marks the heart of the Winter Season. With each passing day, the Sun will rise further to the North until the Summer Solstice.

We will not see much change for a few weeks. Then that change will be marked, in the Sun's placement on the Horizon, the warmth and light of the Sun, and the awakening of all of Nature in preparation for Spring.

Human experiences of untold Generations and systematic observations of Modern Western Science have told us these things. Our Society, which tragically is split from Nature, is complacent about such workings. Worse yet, we expect these Wonders of Creation as Givens in a World of Machines.

Traditional Earth-centered Peoples had and have a different relationship with Nature. We were all Earth-centered Peoples at one time. Certain of their stories still resonate in our consciousness. Certain of our stories are returning in the times that we live.

Earth-centered Peoples see themselves as intimately bound into the cycles of Nature. They know Humans influence Nature, potentially in good ways or not so good ways particularly if Humans forget their place. At this season, they are not sure Sun will return. They watch with fear, awe, splendor, humility and grace of knowing their Place in Creation. They tell stories that mark and call upon the Sun's return. With the Sun's return, they celebrate the continuing cycles of Nature which support their being. They give thanks for the Sun's return.

This morning, Richard and I did early morning chores with ever watchful eyes toward the Eastern Horizon. Somehow, Richard knew the precise moment when the Sun would rise. Here comes the Sun! Such moments of Divine Grace inspire prayer:

We give thanks to the Creator for this Creation of which we are a Tiny Part. We give thanks for the Cycles of Nature that support our Being. May our Walk as Humans be ever supportive of these Divine Ways.

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