Sunday, December 21, 2008


December 17:

We awoke to 4 inches of fluffy white Snow, with Frost and a dusting of bigger Flakes on top. With Sunlight and Blue Sky overhead and reflecting throughout, the whole place just shimmered. Every Sparkle of Light reflected and was magnified by every other Sparkle of Light.

I try to walk every day, regardless of the Weather. I want to be open to the Gifts and Teachings of Nature. I find adventures in Nature grounding and peaceful, which are sensations I put front and center in my Life.

I note tracks of Critters everywhere, coming and going, digging for treasure, sometimes slow and other times in a hurry. With the fresh Snow Cover, their Homes and Highways are more visible. I surely had not noted these things before. In fact, I did not suspect that they might be there, except for the flurry of excitement Ladd, our Dog, shows with abandon when he joins me on these Walks.

We 3 Humans are in the Minority here. I wonder what Discoveries these Animal Friends have made of their Human Companions.

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