Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nurturing Settledness

December 23:

In the mid 1980s, I began a Victorian Christmas Tree Skirt. In those years, I had developed a fascination for this old style, the luscious fabrics, and the embellishment of embroider floss. I designed the Skirt as I went. The Skirt has 6 panels, 4 of which are complete. I embroidered on those panels images which were important to us over those years. Looking back, those images reflect our family's story.

Three images are present here, with 2 from the Skirt. The Fireplace is based on the one my Father built in our previous home; the 3 Stockings represent the 3 of us. The panel to the right shows our 2 pets at the time: Wicket (the Shetland Sheep Dog) and Gizmo (the Cat). They are looking out the back window into the Snow Globe of the yard that we all loved. You will see above an ornament from the previous owners of our new Home who greeted us in 2006, welcoming us to a new place and a new chapter in our lives.

Although incomplete, this Little Christmas Tree Skirt is a special part of our Christmas Tradition. The Little Skirt graces our Christmas Branch, which integrates key themes of our past and our present. Such tender touches and familiar rituals of the season help in making this house our Home and nurturing our settledness here.

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