Sunday, December 28, 2008


December 28:

The last 2 weeks have brought Ice, bitter Cold, Snow, heavy Rain, Thaw, Thunderstorms, dark and heavily laden Skies, light Snow. We've even had a Flood Watch in some parts of the County. You name it. We had it. I wonder how Santa Claus made it through, but he did.

For a while, we were pretty much locked in on the Farm. Roads were icy. School was closed. Roads were passable, so we were told. But why would you even want to go there? We stayed home, expressed gratitude for heat, fed Chickens and Wild Things, watched the Wild Doin's about through binocs and scope.

We are not sure what normal for these parts is. Those with a longer recent history here are not so sure either.

Today is beautiful. The Sky is blue. Sun is shining. Air is cool but comfortable. Things are in that dynamic between frozen and melting. It just depends on where you are.

We go for a walk and ponder reflections. We agree: we are not ready for Spring.

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