Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Santa's Workshop

We are busy here today in the Santa's workshop. The Elves have much to do completing preparations for our Christmas Celebration. They are making steady progress to the sounds of their favorite Christmas music. They even found the Chipmunk tape, which is usually played once.

The Holiday Letters are almost complete. The rest will wait until some restful and reflective time after Christmas.

We have some gifts that are in stages of completion. The above picture shows an Elf finishing the Basket we are making for Mother. Mother doesn't have internet access so she is unlikely to see this. If there are other Elves out on the Internet today who know her and see this, we would kindly say: "Shhhh..."

Meanwhile, Ms. Santa's will soon be making some special treats of the Season in the Kitchen, after one of these Santa's completes clattering away at these keys. We look forward to some cherished aromas of the season emanating from the Kitchen.

The Mr. Santa has headed downstairs from a plumbing project. He notes that plumbing is not his first skill so he has left the tools upstairs for now. Everyone is hopeful.

I can imagine that in many other homes of families who celebrate the Christian Tradition, Elves are also busy about their preparations. Or they will be busy when they return home from work. The quiet and lovely white of the snow all around provides a beautiful nest.

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