Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Change

When we moved to this little Farm, some changes in life style were clearly "writing on the wall".  We expected them and they happened.  Others were not expected. 

One change that has happened is that we hardly ever listen to our large collection of CDs.  It's been years since we have bought a CD.  We loved our music when we lived in our little house on its little lot in the city.  Somehow, it swept away the noise of the city.

Here on the Farm, we find ourselves charmed by sounds of the country.  We hear the trains going by in the distance.  We hear the Amish buggies and wagons going down the lane.  Clip clop clip clop.  Those are sounds my grandparents heard 100 years ago.  We love the bird sounds which shift with the seasons.  We are totally in love with the sounds of frogs.  We take comfort in our chicken repertoire. We listen intently for any sound that might suggest the chickens have an intruder.  And we move quickly when we hear it.  We know when we have company coming down the drive:  Freddie the Rooster crows a characteristic crow and Ladd the Dog barks his characteristic bark.  We love the sounds of the Quail.  We are now playing around with creating our own music.  Melanie and I are sometimes plunking on the piano keyboard.  Yes, we are learning.  Sometimes our sounds are off, but that is learning at its best.  Sometimes we sing.  I cannot even imagine shutting out or overriding any of these sounds.

We have a box of CD's that are on their way to the thrift store.  Who would have thought we would have made this shift?

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