Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Have a CODE...

I have a CODE.  
It's in my head: 
congestion, sniffles, 
occasional (but fewer than before) 
Stuffed up.
Can't breathe 
through my nose. 
Feel like 
one big germ.  
Sentences become 
short sound bites.  
I am miserable. 
Impatient too.  
I have higher priorities 
than being sick.  
I missed a really big one today.  
A really big one.
I am not going anywhere 
and doing less.  
I'm not fit for much 
of anything.  
Chicken soup, 
lots of water, 
hot water with lemon and honey, 
throat lozenges,
netty pot.  
In time, 
CODE will pass.  
I need to be patient. 
I need to let my body do 
what it most likes to do:  
be healthy. 
I need to work 
with that energy 
rather than against it.  
It's hard. 
The sooner 
I let myself rest, 
the sooner I will be well.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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