Saturday, November 26, 2011

Picking Up Speed

Daily counters on Blogspot and Statcounter show that "hits" on the post "Recipe: Povitica" on this blog ( are picking up speed.  This recipe was originally posted December 23, 2008.  Since that time, this recipe has received 2995 hits.  Google searches have shown it to be anywhere from 1st to 3rd ranking in number of hits for Povitica Recipe. 

And why would it be picking up speed now?  Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditional seasons when this Croatian nut roll would have been served.  Easter is not far behind.  Ask the Grandmothers.  Just perhaps they are nudging us now.

Melanie and I will be making Povitica in about 10 days.  Yum.

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Louellen said...

I looked it up and found it through google as well as your blog! There was an add for a Strawberry Hill that prompted me to look it up. It comes in the big paper, but I don't live near to STL to actually buy one. :) But I will be attempting this myself! Thank you for the instructive blog, I'm sharing it on FB!