Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had a simple but serene Thanksgiving.  Most of the food was local and most of that we raised right here on the Farm.  We just sort of sat in awe at all that was before us, including the 3 of us who sat around the table.

The Turkey was raised by Farmer Friend John Arbuckle.  Melanie picked it up yesterday at their Farm.  It was fresh.  We also had 2 kinds of stuffing:  Cornbread and Wild Rice.  The Wild Rice was from Dorreen, our dear friend up north.  I included some roasted Corn from her family.  That's a traditional dish among their tribe (Sahnish).  That made us smile, a big warm smile.

We had Cranberry Sauce, fresh Brussels Sprout Salad, Mashed Roots (carrots, parsnips, celeriac).  The celeriac crop was pretty pitiful this year, but just having a taste made it all the better. 

I used to think you had to have heaps and gobs of everything.  We had plenty today.  And I didn't over stuff myself.  Instead, I savored every bite.

Our meal was gluten free and dairy free.  I was tempted to "slide back" into my relationship with my old favorite companions.  But my family said we didn't need too.  So we didn't.

We also skipped dessert.  I will make Pumpkin Pie tomorrow and it will be "sans Crust".  Things have changed around here, but they have also stayed the same.

It was  beautiful outside:  sunny and in the mid 60s.  We could have snow soon.  We also did a little work outside to finish off prior to winter setting in.  Richard completed the chicken wire fencing in the Garden.  With some degree of ceremony, we opened most of the Garden up for the Chickens.  The ones who found it were pretty impressed.  They had a Thanksgiving celebration of their own.  I finished picking my Dry Edible Beans.  No, I did not "clean the vines".  I just took some.  That's plenty.  We will give the rest back to the Earth.

A consistent theme emerging is "rest".  We worked that in too.

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