Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Notes from the Past

I love to read magazines and books from earlier times.  Somehow they reveal an understanding of where have come from and how we got to the place we are now.  Too bad, we don't always pay attention.  We could solve some problems before they become problems.  Check the letter entitled the "Crossroads Philosopher" from Country Gentleman, December, 1950, page 139: 
"DEAR EDITOR:  I read in a copy of a magazine which I picked up in my dentist's office the other day (and which I will return if my tooth ever starts hurtin' again) where scientists are baffled over the fact weeds and grass can build up an immunity to those newfangled weed killers.

It seems like the first year these chemical will kill weeds and grass satisfactorily, but by the second year some of the weeds begin catchin' on and build up an immunity, and the chemicals have no effect on 'em. As a result, scientists and some farmers are tearin' their hair.

But it hasn't bothered me---and won't.  I learned long ago that grass and weeds was apparently here to stay and the smart thing to do was for me to build up an immunity against them.  I ain't no scientist, but I figure I got as much sense as a weed, and if it can build up immunity against me, I can build one against it.  Live and let live is my policy.  Weeds and me both is part of Nature and we stopped objectin' to each other years ago.  Yours faithfully, ---H.B. Fox"

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