Saturday, November 19, 2011


It's really easy to pass by that trash we see littered about.  There's plenty of it.  Those plastic bottles seem to be multiplying.  Most of our fellow Human Kin don't even give it a passing glance. I wonder if those elements of trash are secret road "counters", keeping track of how many Humans in our "advanced civilization" pass by before anyone does anything, before anyone cares.

When that person comes along who does pick up the trash, things should stop.  People should note and spontaneously cheer.  I can imagine that everyone in the outer realm (Human and non-Human) would be a part, plus all of those who are yet to make their homes here.  But most important of all, that cheering section should clearly reside within the person picking up the trash.  We pick it up because we know that is what we should do.

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