Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 More Batches?

Yep, we pulled off 2 batches of Sorghum Molasses this weekend.  In total that was 35 gallons which is a record for us, I believe.  I don't know what the usual range is, but if my memory serves me correctly, that is anywhere from 10-14 gallons and 14 is on the high side. 

We are not sure what is going on with such a high amount.  I shall wait for the assessment of the "big boys who chew bubblegum".  They are the ones with the experience.  I did hear that vineyard growers in Missouri were pretty thrilled with the results of the drought.  It seems that the lack of moisture "concentrated" the grape juice.  I wonder if that is what happened with the Sorghum Cane.

At the end of the 2 days, many of us were pretty pooped out.  (We were pooped out  before, or as my Dad would say: we were "like a car running on vapors."  As tools were being put away and the syrup was being jarred up, you could hear some pretty strong murmurings and relief: "We are done for the year."

That was before Hollis went up to the field and came back with reports:  "This looks like the best cane we have ever had."  Hollis Dale headed up to the field and concurred.  So it looks like we will be making 1, maybe 2 batches, this weekend.

I have a former student and dear friend, Donna B., who planned to make a special trip from North Dakota to join us on the Farm and to experience Sorghum Molasses making.  She scheduled her vacation around what looked like an optimal time which is this next weekend.  That was before we knew about the drought and the speeded up effect it might have on the crop.  It looks like she will arrive late on Saturday.  If we make Molasses on Sunday, she will get to see the whole works. 

Hey Donna, are you reading this up there?  It is a surprise to all of us. And like you said, you have lived on a farm and you know how schedules are. We surely are only minimally in charge.

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