Sunday, September 30, 2012


The last 2 days, Richard and I have commented that things are pretty quiet around here.  Many of the songbirds have begun their migration.  The ones who remain will either be residents or migrants.  The residents are probably getting ready for the winter months and the migrants surely must be thinking about packing their bags.  Even the grasshoppers seem fewer in number and not quite as energetic. 

The days have been calm with little wind, warm days and cool nights.  On our walk today, we noted the woods are coloring up.  The master painter's brush has touched the poison ivy, sumac, and virginia creeper with brushes loaded with brilliant reds.  Meanwhile yellows are appearing.  Leaves are slowly trickling down. 

While a multiplicity of tasks for harvest await us, the calm is nourishing and welcome.  We are richly blessed.

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