Friday, September 21, 2012


Former student and dear friend Donna leaves from North Dakota early Saturday to spend a few days on the farm.  She will drive 800 miles tomorrow and plans to catch the end of the Molasses Making.  That means she's gonna be up and on the road way early tomorrow. 

Donna is no stranger to farm doin's and has let us know that she wants to help out wherever she can.  That means so much to us:  1st:  she's coming.  Wow, I can hardly wrap my mind around it.  It's for real.  It's amazing how a simple move can mean that people with whom you have known, loved and worked with closely are just not in the day to day routine.  Thoughts of them are forever in our hearts, while their presence is surely missed.  2nd: we have so much to do here with the harvest and preparation for winter.  I think this particular Angel surely is continuing to grow her beautiful wings. 

She had one request and that was to have chicken when she arrives.  We won't have chicken tomorrow evening but likely will for Sunday dinner.  I chuckle about this one.  My Grandfather Fred Albert Brenz assisted with the early electrification in the region.  I have a postcard he wrote his sister and his mother from Quincy.  He said he would be home later in the weekend and fried chicken would sure be nice.  It is wonderful that some things just don't change.

Thanks so much, dear Donna.  Travel safely.  Enjoy that beautiful excursion through the Great Plains.  And see you very soon. 

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