Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wild Here Today

It's pretty wild out here today. We are stripping and harvesting cane for molasses making this weekend. Maybe 2 batches. This tradition goes back in Richard's family to at least the early part of the 1900s. Probably before. 
The craft has almost been lost in modern time. The Crawford family reclaimed it in 2004; this year will make our 9th season.  And every year we learn more.
Due to its extensiveness, the craft must be done in community. And so the community arrives to help with different phases. If you were here, we'd could use the help. Great time to reconnect. 
We had a work crew here this morning (Dan, Mike, Julia, Meaghann, Leah, Melanie) to strip and head the cane, which they did by noon.  Melanie headed them up.  Meanwhile, Richard headed to Hollis' where the family gathered to harvest and prepare the site.  We had a great lunch here which Richard fixed.  Yummy chili (2 pots, one with meat and one vegetarian).  Calls went back and forth between the 2 crews.  Dan, Melanie and Julia headed to the field here on the Farm to head the cane, cut it and lay in bunches.  While I clatter away at these keys, pick-ups have arrived to pick it up in the field (with Hollis Dale, MaLinda, Lurah, Richard, and I think that last pick-up must have been Gerald and Hollis). 
Gotta go. Among other things, I am the Mama-razzi. 

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