Saturday, September 1, 2012

Praises Be

We got rain.  Maybe I should say that again.  We got rain.  It feels so wonderful to type those simple but powerful words.

Richard checked some of our "official rain gauges" here at the Farm.  For those of you who are new to this blog, they are empty buckets today.  The mug which we had used now has a crack in it and water leaks out.  So it doesn't pass our official requirements for a rain gauge.

Richard concluded we got about 5 inches.  That's so far.  More is on the way.  The rains have been peaceful, gentle and persistent.  We have had a few gusts of wind last night, but mostly this has been just a gentle as could be.

I did a walk about on the farm this morning.  Things look so green.  It's almost like we are all coming alive. 

The cracks in the soil are closing.  Or should I say healing?  One can almost feel the sighs of relief. 

We have 2 sticks that mark where the edge of the pond was last spring and early in the summer.  I regret we did not date them.  When Richard and I checked them before the rain, those 2 sticks had migrated up the bank.  Of course not.  The water had migrated back on the dry side of the 2 sticks.  The lowest stick was about 18 inches from the water.  When I did my walk this morning, the lowest stick was in the water and about 2 feet from water's edge.  Yippee skippee.

I walked down into the woods.  I especially wanted to see the ephemeral creek which shows up during rains and during months and years when the water table is high.  There wasn't a drop of water in it.  That rain must have soaked right into the thirsty ground.

These are the "notings".  I do have to say that the humans are experiencing considerable relief.  It is as if we can at last relax.  I hadn't realized we were so tense. 

The gratitude and humility in our hearts are right up there. 

Praises be.

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